What should I chat about today. Social media. It has become a virtual way of life today. The most popular has to be Facebook. Then there are clubs and groups that all have started up with more specific subjects of interest with members worldwide.

Writers, publishers Lodge is one I joined that started up in September 2018. It’s only November now and the membership has grown enormously with writers of English books all over the world.

Then another group I joined recently is one that promotes Book Narration. If you are an author and have published a book on Amazon then you can have a printed version, an electronic printed version and a Narrated version.

It’s amazing how publishing has progressed. The narrated route was mainly for blind people, but now many people enjoy listening to the story or whatever being read to them.

This progress is both good and bad, because although it makes the written word more accessible, it affects the need for proffesional Publishers who used to produce the books. But that’s progress. Besides death and taxes, change is also inevitable.

Afraid of flying or dying?

The fear of flying is something I had for many years. I once told a colleague that if ever I needed to fly somewhere for the job I would suggest that someone else be sent in my place. The thought of flying just terrified me. I imagined he terror of the plane falling from the sky and the horror of knowing for a couple of minutes that your life is about to end in this devastating crash.  Then one day I was offered a flight on a private passenger jet with a group of journalists, to fly down to Cape town and back from Johannesburg South Africa, a distance of 1600 Kilometers away. I decided to bite the bullet and go. I was 37 years of age and figured if the plane crashed and I died, at least I tried.

Well it didn’t crash obviously or I wouldn’t be writing this. As a result of breaking the ice on flying I began doing travel I had never contemplated before, but the fear was always there. As the plane took off my fists were clenched and perspiration was on my brow until the flight ended after touchdown, which was always a blessed relief.

Then one day I read a book about some chap who had a friend with the same problem I had. He asked his friend why he was so afraid of flying and the friend explained exactly what I had experienced. He  said, “Well there lies the problem”, if he had the thought that he might die in a horrific  plane crash before flying,  he would be just as afraid. He told his friend that he looked forward to flying, because the thought that he would have a relaxing flight for at least and hour or two, when he could read or listen to music and be served refreshments by attractive, pleasant stewardesses which was something to look forward to.

After reading that I realised he was correct. The thought process was the  problem that brought on the fear. It took me some self talking to, but I finally overcame my fear of flying. At next birthday I will be 80 years of age and have been on flights all over South Africa, to England a number of times, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I am so grateful to that chap who helped me conquer my fear. Just imagine how much enjoyment I have had compared to how much anxiety I would have endured.

Thoughts are either our enemy or our friend. This brings me to my age and the thoughts that prevail at this age. My wife passed away a couple of months ago. She was three months older than me. We have been married for over 56 years. The loss of her was devastating, as it was for our four children and seven grand children. There have been many deaths  due to suicide or lack of interest in continuing to live when major setbacks like this occur, and I can understand why this is so, but today I listened to a couple of Christian sermons on television. The effect these sermons had on me was of a similar nature, in that I understand what Christ meant when He talked about death.

Death is the shedding of the physical body, which is inevitable, for the spiritual existence which is eternal. How much easier is it to accept that you will meet friends and family gone before you with God, the supreme creator, in a place where there is no pain and suffering, than to fear eternal oblivion.

Port St. John’s.

Port St. John’s is a small town in the Eastern Cape. We spent a most enjoyable weekend there at The Pont, a resort situated on a river that goes down to the Indian Ocean on the East Coast of South Africa.

The fishing is second to none. The scenery is an artists dream. The weather this time in July was sunny and warm in the day, bit chilly after sundown. Here are some photo’s from our short holiday there.

Long time, no post.

  1. It’s quite a while since I last posted anything on this site. To be honest I saw it getting me nowhere, probably because I obviously had little to offer. The main reason I started this site was to find out how blogs work, and to see if it would lead me on to get more involved in the new technical age.
    Even now as I write this I wonder if I am just chatting to myself in an empty room. Do others have the same problem? Perhaps not. Well if anybody out there reads this may be they can give me some direction.
    As it happens I am in my 80th year. Most of my working years were spent in Advertising and publishing. Perhaps I should write more about what I learned in those fields of endeavour.
    Although I was involved with various newpapers, magazines and finaly publishing newspapers and books, there are a few things of value I have learned and could pass on. Understandably technology has moved on since my working days, but many of the lessons I learned could still be applied to today.


Now that’s a word that I wish described me, but unfortunately at my age it doesn’t. My little doggie Tiffany however is the main candidate for the title. She is a Yorkie and few dogs can catch her when she gets going. We stay in a small flat on my daughter’s property. She has two Jack Russels and they too are fast and fiesty, but no match for Tiffany. She runs rings around them.

As dogs get older that agility fades much the same as it does for us humans. While we are young and beautiful life is such a pleasant cake walk, but age changes all that and brings us better understanding and contentment if we learn to appreciate each age and circumstances that age brings.ĺ

Life is what we make of it. Enjoy the benefits of each age.

Many years ago a visiting American psychiatrist Doctor Murray Banks gave a talk on radio in South Africa and said,” I can help you enjoy a better life on earth, buy you will have to talk to a priest about the world hereafter”. If there is one I say, ” Great, a bonus!”. His enthusiasm about accepting the end to life as a human, was less than helpful.

It’s such fun to draw.

The picture above is a pastel rendition I did yesterday on the 9th January 2018. I did it in a morning to stave away boredom. It worked!

It also got me thinking how much fun one can have with drawing, painting and the like. Whether it’s scetching, pastel drawing, oil or water painting, they are so much fun to do regardless of how well you can. The fact is that the more you practise doing it the better you become and the more satisfaction you get. You also get such a feeling of achievement.

On you tube there are many artists that inspire and teach all the different types of painting and drawing you may like to practise doing. It is something I can recommend. All that is required besides materials is some quiet time to practice. You will have enormous fun just doing it.

How does this new editor work?

Although I am not very tech savvy I am keen to try anything new out. It’s the only way I can learn. At an advanced age there is little time left, so here we go again! There is so much more I’d like to do and lets not give up yet. Intermittent access to the internet is another hurdle to negotiate. As soon as I can get these things going I hope to be more specific and illustrate posts on a regular basis. A picture is worth a thousand words they say and they are less boring as a rule.

The picture I included, (I hope) was taken from my home that overlooks the Indian Ocean. As you may see it was a rainy day. Give me a little more time to work on getting the show on the road.